Below you can find tutorials on how to use Zaxaa. A lot of the things and the interface itself are very self-explanatory and intuitive, with help text all over the place. Hence not all features are covered here. 

As with all things, there will be a learning curve when you're using something new. Rest assured though with Zaxaa the learning curve is very easy.  

If you have any questions, make sure to check out our knowledgebase as 90% of your questions can INSTANTLY be answered right there. 


Watch these STEP BY STEP videos first:

If you just want to quickly set up and sell a single product, please watch these 2 step-by-step videos:

Step 1 - Activate payment processor

Step 2 - Sell 1 product only

If you also want to set up a sales funnel, watch this additional video:

Step 3 (optional) - Create a sales funnel


The tutorials below are not arranged in order, so feel free to jump to the specific section/area you need help with.

How to create a Front-End product
How to create an OTO product and attach it to your front-end/sales funnel
How to create unlimited smart, nested OTOs
How to create a FREE product
How to CORRECTLY refund transactions
How to CORRECTLY cancel subscriptions
How to approve/reject INSTANT commissions requests
How to create a coupon so that you can grant discount to your customers
How to grant discount using a coupon LINK
How to create a dimesale
How to set up profit sharing
Affiliate Settings (Account Level)
How to pay out commissions to affiliates/partners (Non-PayPal-Adaptive)
How to void affiliate commissions
How to create a 2nd-tier affiliate program
How to track VENDOR sales using an external tracking script
How to grant complimentary access to a particular product for a particular JV partner/anyone
How to blacklist/ban customers and affiliates
How to see all Menus/Features inside your account
How to automatically add customers to your email list
How to integrate your payment processors/gateways with Zaxaa
How to customize your Front Store
How to set up Pre-Sale Bumps to boost your profits
Using Sub-ID To Track WHERE Sales Come From (for Sellers & Affiliates)
How to predict your income in the future
How to set up installment payments
Knowing how good your products are performing
Knowing how good your sales funnels are performing
How To Know Your Lifetime Customer Value (including for a specific traffic source or affiliate)
How to see all your affiliates and set up custom affiliate contracts
How to know the performance of your affiliates (including top & junk affiliates)
Knowing how much commissions have been paid/left to-be-paid (even on an affiliate-/product-level)
Using the Sales Report page to view your transactions

Zaxaa Member Tutorial (for running your own Membership Site) - Click Here

Zaxaa Ultimate

How to create a web/optin form

How to create an email sequence

How to create and edit an email

How to create a broadcast email

How to create tags for tagging your contacts

How to create rules

How to create a group 



Affiliate Dashboard Overview
How to find and promote products as an affiliate
How to set up bonuses for people who purchase via your affiliate link
How to track AFFILIATE sales using an external tracking script 
Using Sub-ID To Track WHERE Sales Come From (for Sellers & Affiliates)

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